60 YO Lady Catches 23 YO Lucky Guy to Fuck

60 YO Lady Catches 23 YO Lucky Guy.

Kokie del Coco catches 23-year-old Peter jacking off to porn on his smart phone and decides to give him the real thing.

Happens all the time, right? In our fantasies, it does. At 60PlusMILFs.com, it does. Kokie, a 60-year-old divorcee with kids and grandkids, isn’t one to let a hard-on go to waste, so she gets right to it.

She is troking Peter’s big cock then going down on it and sucking his balls, too.

He fucks her hairy pussy every which way and cums all over her face.

“I am a go-getter,” Kokie said. “I like to break the ice.” Actually, we think in this case, Peter broke the ice by having his cock out when Kokie walked in.

He didn’t do it on purpose, of course, but when you’re sitting in your living room with your cock out and the door’s unlocked, things can happen …

60 YO Lady Catches 23 YO Lucky Guy

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